Moisture, Tibetan Plateau, 1800 until present, d18O

This is just a short take on Figure 3 of Xu et al.’s (2011) “Potential linkages between the moisture variability in the northeastern Qaidam Basin, China, since 1800 and the East Asian summer monsoon as reflected by tree ring d18O” (

Figure 3a and 3b, which is also highlighted in the paper-related slide-show on the webpage for the Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmosphere, display a ring width index and tree-ring d18O. The interesting part is, that one can clearly distinguish different episodes. If one considers the dates of strong tropical volcanic eruptions (e.g. and performs some provisional wiggle matching, then one can infer that these eruptions (Tambora, Cosiguina, Krakatau, Santa Maria) had direct impacts on tree growth at the study site. Obviously I will not talk about the later 20th century as the figure is not as easily related to the climate fluctuations afterwards.