Why We Disagree…

Just a very short reminder to myself, that I am rather astonished, that recent discussions at the Collide-a-scape of Keith Kloor, at Judith Curry’s Climate Etc. and at the Klimazwiebel to 90% recapture problems already discussed by Mike Hulme in “Why We Disagree about Climate Change” in 2009. Well, basically most of the climate-blogosphere appears to endlessly return to those same questions. While revisiting those topics is of value and one definitely can reach different conclusions than Hulme, it’s that, which isn’t done by these blogs. The questions are identical, the answers are very similar or, if there are no answers, the disagreements are the same. Wouldn’t it be nice, to really get a new angle on the topic or at least to build on Hulmes work, if one thinks one has to go the same way.


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