Meteorological genealogies

Ed Hawkins points to a recent contribution in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) on the family tree of modern (tropical) meteorologists. The following is self-explanatory.


I stop with Flohn a) because his dissertation didn’t really deal with meteorology and b) because I cannot quickly identify his advisor.

This tree also represents a more general lineage: (physics to) geophysics to meteorology to climatology. The latest offspring is a ‘mutt’ of various ancestors.

If I recall correctly my ‘academic’ older siblings may include names like Blessing, Kunz, Sura, Franzke, Raible, Frisius, … and in my ‘generation’ Schneidereit, Zhu, Riemann-Campe, Zhang, Dahms (all depending on who was the ‘main’ advisor).

I have to admit, so far this post looks like a minor(?) case of self-adulation.

More importantly it shows by one small personal example what a herculean task a comprehensive family tree would be. Furthermore, I would have hoped that there already was a visible connection to Flohn.

By trying to figure out Flohn’s dissertation, another name popped up connecting US and German meteorology on a level of minor prominence: Helmut Erich Landsberg (who may even be the missing advisor mentioned above?).


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